Galaxy Watch Active 2 to feature ECG and fall detection

The latest news just in is that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 will feature ECG, Afib, and fall detection. Electrocardiogram on your smartwatch.
Jul 4, 2019

Recently, the first pictures of the possibly upcoming Galaxy Watch Active 2 were leaked. Now, there seem to be more details about Samsung's upcoming wearable that have come to light. This new bit of Information related to the health features that will be provided to the wearer.

According to some sources close to Sammobile the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will have ECG features and the corresponding ECG App. This is, in essence, the same feature that can be found in Apple's series 4 watch. Users will be able to take their own electrocardiogram to check the rhythm of their heart or to check for irregularities. Theoretically, this newly collated data could be shared with cardiologists, health professionals, and doctors to Investigate potential problems.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 to provide Afib notifications

A major feature of the new wearable will be the ability to provide atrial fibrillation or Afib notifications. From time to time the smartwatch will check the user's heart rhythm in the background for signs of Afib. If any anomalies are found, the wearer will be notified of this potential problem. Afib is a type of irregular heart rhythm and, if not treated, could result in a stroke.

Like the Apple Watch, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 ECG and Afib features will require FDA approval, so it is unlikely that the relevant apps will be ready at launch and hence will be released later on.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 fall detection

It is said the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will also feature fall detection. This is a great feature for the elderly or infirm in case they fall and do not have assistance to get backup. The device will be able to sense if the users have had a "hard fall" by using its various sensors and will display an alert on the screen that can be tapped to get 'one-tap' assistance. One tapping the notification can be dismissed or emergency services called. If the device does not receive a response within a specified period, emergency services will be called and also specified emergency contacts in the address book will be notified.

There is no news relating to the release date of the Galaxy Watch Active 2, but it is thought that it could launch alongside the Note 10 on August 7 2019.

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