Google's Nest Hub Max on sale in U.S., UK and Australia on Sept 9

Google's Nest Hub Max will go on sale in the U.S., UK, and Australia on Sept 9 for $229. Nest Hub product will have a larger screen, speaker & more features
Jul 25, 2019

Google's Nest Hub Max was initially announced in May. Now, according to Info uncovered by Droid life, Nest Hub Max will go on sale in the U.S., UK, and Australia. The sale date will be Sept 9 for the price of U.S. $229, GBP £219, and AUD $349.

The Nest Hub Max will have a relatively MASSIVE 10-inch sub. It is also expected to introduce a mass of additional features, as well as a larger screen when compared to its predecessors. The device has cameras with facial recognition, object tracking and integration with your other Nest products.

Google's Nest Hub Max camera will be able to recognise the users face and show their own customised screen. You will also be able to use hand gestures to control it, such as holding your hand in the air to start and control music playback! The camera can be used as a pseudo-Nest Cam with other Google Nest products. This is the first device to be released under Google's new Google Nest brand.

Google's nest hub max

Looking on Google's site, a waiting list was available but has since been removed. Here in the UK, the Google Nest Hub Max is only listed as coming soon on the Information page. September is only around the corner and we are hoping to have a review unit to hand to put this piece of tech through its paces.

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