Latest Galaxy Watch Active Update makes it "Smarter, Sportier, Snazzier"

The Galaxy Watch Active has had an update recently to improve everything all round on it. The UI has improved on the apps tray and Samsung's Breathe Guide.
Jul 23, 2019

The Galaxy Watch Active has had an update to make it "Smarter, Sportier," and "Snazzier" according to Samsung. One of the improvements is that the Bixby voice assistant can now be used to control SmartThings products, find out the time difference between two cities and start you customised exercise routines. Sounds good already.

The next feature is that the Watch Active now has a "Goodnight Mode." This mode lets users easily check the time. The mode has its own devoted view when it is enabled. You won't be bothered by notifications whilst this mode is in effect. Of course, any notifications or alerts are fully customisable.

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The Galaxy Watch Active update has also changed the UI of the app tray. Now instead of needing to tapping a lot, you need to tap left and you can swipe right to left to get onto the next page of apps. In effect, it is now quicker and easier.

Also improved by the update is the health and fitness features. When swimming, the workout will automatically be detected and recorded. You also get an alert when your heart rate is lower than the specific value the user have set for ten minutes. Samsung's Breath Guide user interface has also been improved to let users find the information they seek easier.

The firmware version R500XXU1CSG6 is also coming to the Galaxy Watch Active. It is about a 75MB download. If you haven't got it yet, you should get it very soon.

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