Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Frontier gets software update

Samsung Gear S3 has received a software update today. Firmware versions have been updates to R760XXU2ESF2 for the Frontier and R770XXU2ESF2 for the Classic
Jul 10, 2019

Oh how we love software/firmware updates at IoT Gadgets. Today, we have an software update being rolled out for the Samsung Gear S3 wearable device. This updates takes your watch to version R760XXU2ESF2 / R7600XA2ESF2 for the Gear S3 Frontier and version R770XXU2ESF2 / R770OXA2ESF2 for the Gear S3 Classic.

Update: THis software update has been reported in Germany, Israel, Canada so far.

The size of the Gear S3 software update is only 11.85 MB, so nothing to brag about. The main updates seem to be Improved system reliability and automatic alarm synchronization between your smartphone and the smartwatch.

So far the update for the Gear S3 Classic has been spotted in Germany and the update for the Gear S3 Frontier in Israel. Samsung's servers will be busy getting it out to other countries and regions over the course of the next few days / weeks.

Even though the Gear S3 was released all the way back in November 2016, it is great to see it is still receiving these update. It is still a classy looking wearable with IP68 dust and water resistance and a gorgeous 1.3-Inch Super AMOLED screen. It was the first Samsung device to feature MST for Contactless payments from a smartwatch.

Let us know if this Gear S3 software update has given you any other unexpected benefits or bug-fixes. You can also tip us on [email protected]

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