Top 20 best apps and games in Tizen Store for June 2019

We are now here again where we list the top apps and games in the Tizen Store - June 2019. We can see that a few that were in the top are still there.
Jul 9, 2019

Here we are again, to see the best apps and games downloaded for each month, this time in the Tizen Store in June 2019. As we can see from the list below, WhatsApp Messenger has remained in the top spot but Facebook (which was in second place in many previous months) is not there anymore.

Opera Mini web browser has only dropped one place lower that it had been last month. Usually, we can see that WhatsApp, Facebook and Facebook Messenger would be pretty close together but now there is more of a gap between them. Facebook Messenger proving to be the least popular of the three apps.

The list of apps and games

1. WhatsApp Messenger2. Strike Force Hero
3. Facebook4. Taxi Simulator 2017
5. Facebook Messanger 6.Car Transporter
7. Temple Run 28. Hancom Office Viewer
9. Zombie Sniper 201810. Highway Traffic Racer
11. Fight Club Revolution Group 212. HERE MAPS
13. Opera mini web browser14. Instagram
15. Hill Driver16. Ludo King 3D
17. Smart Tutor18. Xender
19. Downloader for YouTube

Some new games have climbed the leaderboards such as Taxi Simulator which wasn't even in the top 20 last month. Car transporter was also not on the leaderboard last month but here it is now. We can also see that Temple Run 2 is still pretty high up. Ludo King 3D was in 16th place so as we can see, it has dropped by two places. Zombie Sniper 2018 is another game that wasn't in the top few last month but has climbed relatively quickly. Fight Club Revolution Group 2 was in eleventh place so it has also stayed the same.

As all of these are on the Tizen Store, it is available on the Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z4. If you, however, cannot find it, it will depend on availability. That's all the apps and games in the Tizen Store in June 2019!

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