YouTube TV Users can get a Nest Home Hub for $50

All YouTube TV users should have gotten an email recently stating that you can get a discount of $50 off of the Nest Home Hub. A great deal if you ask me.
Jul 4, 2019

ALL YOUTUBE TV USERS, LISTEN UP! You should've gotten an email from YouTube recently that'll let you get some money off of the Nest Home Hub. Yes, that's right. "What is YouTube TV?" You may ask, just read on.

YouTube TV is a TV streaming service where you can get loads of channels for only... $50 per month. This is depending on if you get any extra channels or not. Some add on channels such as AMC Premier only costs $5 extra per month whereas the NBA League Pass will cost an extra $40 per month. The service supports Chromecast, unlimited DVR and multi-account support. It can support up to six accounts at a time. So far, there is no way of adding more accounts for a certain price at this moment in time. Sounds pretty good.

Another feature some people may be excited about is that along with the over 20 channels is that YouTube TV users also have access to YouTube Red shows. So now, you don't need to get a premium YouTube account to watch them.

How to Redeem this Code

Now, when you scroll through your email inbox, you may have scrolled past loads of emails from YouTube as we constantly get notifications about videos. But, this one single email, is something you may want to read. The email should have a subject line going like "Enjoy a member discount on the Google Nest Hub, a great companion to YouTube TV". Should you find this email, there is a promo code right above the red button that says "Redeem code". Once you've copied it, press "Redeem code" and then you should be taken to the Google Store to... redeem it.

At this point, the deal has not been put into effect, press "Checkout" to then be taken to the next stage. This is where you can paste the promo code to get the entire discount. After this, press "Confirm Purchase", set up your shipping preferences and you should be ready to go. One of the features that you may also like is that you can play YouTube TV on the Nest Home Hub all you want.

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