Galaxy Watch Active 2 now Available at Online retailers Amazon and Currys

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is now also available to pre-order on more retail websites. Unfortunately, this offer is only for the UK market.
Aug 29, 2019

Recently, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 went for pre-order on EE and the Samsung website. The smartwatch was able to pre-ordered for the price of £289. As an extra freebie, the smartwatch comes with the Duo Charger on both the Samsung and EE website!

Colours its Available in

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is also available on both Currys and Amazon. On Amazon, the watch is available in the colours Pink Gold and Black in the Bluetooth variant. The LTE variant, however, comes in Gold and Black. On Currys, the Samsung smartwatch is available in both the Bluetooth and LTE variants also. The Bluetooth variants come in the same colour but the LTE variant has the Rose Gold colour as well.


On Amazon, the Bluetooth variant of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is available to pre-order in the 44mm and 40mm. The 44mm has a cost of £289 whereas the 40mm costs £269. The LTE variant also comes in the two sizes. The 44mm costs £419 whereas the 40mm version costs £399. Currys has the same pricing for the smartwatch. Currys also gives you a 2-year guarantee, so if you're clumsy like me, you should be good to go until the next smartwatch gets released.

galaxy watch active 2 pre-order

When Should You Get it By?

Both of the websites state that you should be able to get the Galaxy Watch Active 2 delivered to you on the 20th September. Unfortunately, this pre-order deal is only available in the UK at the moment.

The release date for the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is to be the 27th in the US market. The 40mm version will cost $279.99 whereas the 44mm version will cost $299. The Australian launch for the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is going to be October 8th. The 40mm model will cost AU$749 and the 44mm models will cost AU$799.

Do you get the Duo Charger on Amazon or Currys?

Yes, both Amazon and Currys are offering the Duo Charger that is worth £90 usually, but now you get it for free. Yay!

Pre-Order the Galaxy Watch Active 2 from Amazon by clicking the buy now link below:

buy galaxy watch active 2 uk

Pre-Order the smartwatch from Currys.

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