Galaxy Watch Active 2 shown off in Promo Videos

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 promo videos are online sohwing the fitness tech taking chef Roy Choi through his paces in a typical day.
Aug 6, 2019

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 had been officially announced. With this announcement, we have the release of a couple of Promo videos showing the smartwatch in its natural environment - someone's wrist. You can see the Galaxy Watch Active 2 promo videos at the bottom of the page.

The wrist in question is of chef and entrepreneur Roy Choi. He is the owner of the Kogi, a Korean-Mexican fleet of fusion food trucks. What is unique about the business is not only the style of food but also how it is promoted on YouTube and Twitter.

Mr. Choi is seen in the two videos stating how he uses his smartphone and smartwatch to run his business/whole life off it. He considers these tools to be vital for his life on the move as the city is his office. Nothing wrong with great-looking wearable technology to rely on.

One of the main attraction of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the Integration of health features. It gives feedback on exercise and also assistance with a persons psychological and physical wellbeing. The GWA2 has enhanced fitness tracking features compared to its predecessors.

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 promo videos below show a small part of a day with the Galaxy Watch Active 2.


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