Galaxy Watch Active 2 to launch in South Korea on September 6

Samsung's Galaxy Watch Active 2 wearable smartwatch is due to launch in South Korea on 6 September 2019. There is a pre-sale period for the Tizen watch.
Aug 31, 2019

The Galaxy Watch active 2 is another smartwatch running Samsung's Tizen based Operating System. Over the next few weeks we will see the global rollout begin of this device. Now, the latest news on its release schedule is that South Korea will be available to purchase on 6 September.

Before this actual date there will be a pre-sale period that begins on August 30 and ends on September 5. Anyone that has bought the Galaxy Watch Active 2 wearable will have it shipped to them on 6 September.

What colours will the smartwatch be available in?

At the moment, it is only the Galaxy Watch Active 2 Bluetooth model that is on sale, and no news about the LTE variant - which is the usual case with these devices. You have a choice of either aluminum case that ships in Black, Silver, and Gold. You also have the option of a stainless steel case that ships in Aqua Black, Cloud Silver, and Pink Gold.

What will the smartwatch cost?

The 40mm aluminum variant will set you back 299,200 won ($247), with the 44mm model will costing you 339,900 won ($281). There is also the 40mm stainless steel Active 2 which costs 399,300 won ($331). If you would like to go for the 44mm option, that will be available for 440,000 won ($364).

We are still expecting the launch in the US on September 23 and also in the UK on September 20. We will keep you updated about other markets as we find more Informartion. You are also welcome to contact us regarding other markets. [email protected].

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