Galaxy Watch Firmware Update Disables Alarm Sync

The Galaxy Watch has got a firmware update that the changelog says it improves overall system reliability. It also improves the swim workout feature.
Aug 5, 2019

The Galaxy Watch is getting a fresh firmware update to really help you to get the best experience possible. The smartwatch did get a software update last month, improving the smartwatches swim tracking.

This firmware update is for both the 42mm and 46mm models of the smartwatch. The update seems to have been sent to the American market first (according to reports). The update is now spreading to the other markets across the globe. The firmware version R810XXU1CSG4 for the Galaxy Watch is only a 15.36MB download. The changelog stated that the update improves the overall system reliability.

Galaxy Watch Firmware Update

Another feature of the update is that it disables the automatic sync of alarms from the smartphone that is paired with the smartwatch. I'm sure some of you out there are sighing in relief. For example, if you've got an alarm where your phone rings and you want your Galaxy Watch to vibrate. You couldn't do that before. Now, you can have that special smartwatch-smartphone infusion for your alarm.

With the Galaxy Watch firmware update, you can now track swimming workouts even better than before... That is if you even want to keep the Galaxy Watch after seeing the Galaxy Watch Active 2 after seen all of its wonderful features after its launch.

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