Google Nest Hub on Sale at Curry's and John Lewis - £30 off

The Google Nest Hub is quite useful in the home. Now the the Google Nest Hub is on sale for quite a nice price on Currys and John Lewis.
Aug 15, 2019

The Google Nest Hub has been put on sale and it's price dropped pretty low. The device was originally at £119 before the sale but then dropped by £30 in Currys. That means that the price is now £89 - pretty nice if you ask me. The device is also available at John Lewis for the same price with a two-year guarantee. Even better. If you want to protect the device against accidental damage, you can pay £10. This will last for two years.

On the Currys website, the Google Nest Hub is for sale in the colours grey and white. On the John Lewis site, the device is available in the colours charcoal and chalk. The same colours but different names for them.

google nest hub sale

If you're wondering what the Google Nest Hub can do ... read on. The device has a 7-inch LCD touchscreen. It can be used to control smart lights around your house as well as smart thermostats. When you ask the Google Assistant a question, the screen will show you more information in case you're hungry for more knowledge. Quite impressively, the Google Nest Hub has integration with over 5,000 smart home products from 400 brands.

The Home Hub doesn't have a front-facing camera like the Amazon Echo Show. The reason that Google doesn't have this feature? They said that they abandoned the camera due to privacy concerns.

You can purchase the Google Nest Hub from the following link:

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