Google Pixel Watch Patent Shows Camera Unusually Placed

We finally see the much-rumoured Google Pixel Watch. From the smartwatches patents, we have a look at the camera which seems to be embedded into the screen.
Aug 30, 2019

Google has had many devices released as of now. The Californian-based company has breached the smartspeaker, VR and smartphone markets. Now they are having a play around with the smartwatch market. The Google Pixel Watch.

This long-rumoured smartwatch might finally come into view because a patent filed by Google has surfaced. We have the Dutch blog "LetsGoDigital" to thank for finding this patent. From what we can tell from the images, the Google Pixel smartwatch will have a circular watch face - much like Samsung's Galaxy Watch Active 2.

The patent itself was actually filed in 2017 and the official documentation was only publicly published by USPTO, United States Patent and Trademark Office, on the 27th of this month.

google pixel watch

The Camera

Now onto this very peculiar camera. In the patents, we can see that the camera seems to be embedded within the screen. The future is coming to us it seems. Like all patents, we can't tell what Google are going to do with the camera. Is it a normal camera for taking pictures? Could it actually be used for facial recognition to unlock the watch? In my opinion, it would be really cool if it was the latter.

To be honest, it would not be convenient to have the watch in that particular place. If you wanted to take a selfie with some other people, it would not be comfortable. Which is what makes me a little more confident that it might be a camera for facial recognition.

Google's Hardware Event is quite near, in October. We are expecting to see the newer versions of some of Google's current devices. These devices include Google's Home Hub and Pixel smartphone. Hopefully, this new smartwatch will join them. We don't have actual confirmation about the smartwatches release date as of now. Hopefully, we will see it in the near future.

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