Huawei's HongMeng OS said to Make its Grand Debut Later this Year

Reports say that Huawei's HongMeng OS may make a grand debut later this year with it's Mate 30 series. The OS may be on the low-tier phones in the 30 series
Aug 6, 2019

After the American President, Donald Trump, had severed trade ties with the Chinese company Huawei, they have said that they will make a comeback with their own OS! Now, the US government has eased the trade restrictions between US companies and Huawei. It is said that the company may be introducing their own OS. The HongMeng OS - on their flagship devices later this year.

The Mate 30 series is going to be the first line that runs the OS and will cost around 2,000 yuan, according to reports and rumours. According to another report, given the prices of the devices, the mid-range phones in the series will also have the HongMeng OS. The more premium smartphones in the Mate 30 series will have the Android OS powering it. This may be because Huawei wants to test their OS before actually pushing it to the higher-end as well.

HongMeng OS may make its debut later this year.

So far, Huawei have not announced anything about the launch of this new OS. The companies executive, Catherine Chen, had said that the OS will be better suited for devices other than smartphones. It looks like Huawei may use their OS to power other devices such as TVs or IoT Gadgets (badum-tshh).

Chen said that Huawei smartphones would continue to be powered by the Android OS. The OS relies on more simple and less complex coding than Android. The latter shows that Huawei wouldn't need to rely on Android as much for it's less-premium phones. Huawei reportedly may also show off their new OS at their developer conference. This conference starts on the 9th August in Dongguan, China.

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