Samsung 108MP Camera phone could be released in 2020

Samsung have claimed that they'll bring an 108MP camera to the table which many people find unbelievable. Especially after a leak on Twitter.
Aug 16, 2019

Recently, we have had a leak that a Samsung phone will have a 108MP Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX. The first phone to go above 100 million pixels. As you may think, this seems like a delicious piece of tech.

As well as this, there have also been some other leaks on Twitter. Sudhanshu Ambhore had released a table with the camera specifications for the Galaxy A series that we're expecting next year. You may think that this isn't new. The names aren't new but the specs most certainly are.

TechRadar has said that the A51 and above could be quad-camera smartphones. They had also said that the most affordable of the series will probably have three cameras. For the A81 and A91, we can see that Samsung has the 64MP and 108MP sensors have been listed. For a range that is said to be affordable, it packs a serious punch.

samsung 108mp

As I said above, the specifications are being doubted by many people. Why? Mainly because the number seems too far fetched compared to most other smartphone cameras.

Not too long after the list of camera specs was release, Ice Universe, a marked leaker, had denied the specs and called them fake. Ice Universe had said that they asked someone that they knew on the inside and then that person had denied it too.

Many people who had responded to the Tweets had said that this is too good to be true. I think I agree with them on this one.

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