Girl Sends a Tweet from LG Smart Fridge - Goes VIRAL!

A girl, Dorothy, has been defying her mother after she had taken away her devices. She then reacted by sending a tweet on her family's LG smart fridge.
Aug 15, 2019

A tweet has recently gone viral as a teenage girl, named Dorothy, has been defying her mom after she had taken away her electronics. How did she defy? She sent a tweet from the family's LG smart fridge. Before this, the 15-year-old had tweeted from her Nintendo Wii U and her Nintendo 3DS. As a last resort, she turned to the heavenly fridge.

The girl's account is @thankunext327 which mainly serves as an Ariana Grande fan page.

Why did she have her devices confiscated? In the messages to New York magazine, Dorothy said that they were taken from here as she "was boiling rice and was too busy on phone and stove burst into flames.". An appropriate reason to take her devices? I'll leave that to you.

tweet lg smart fridge

Surprisingly, both Twitter and LG have responded to the tweet using the #FreeDorothy hashtag. Poor Dorothy's mother.

On BuzzFeed News, we were shown that it's easy to make the source of a tweet say almost anything. LG has said that they don't have a Twitter app on their smart fridges that could auto-generate a source label. However, it is possible to tweet on the LG smart fridge through its web browser. But, on the web browser, the tweet source will come up as "Twitter Web Client." Therefore, bringing up a lot of questions about the entire affair.

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