Apple Watch Series 5 Announced with additional health features

The Apple Watch 5 Series has been announced! There are some new features on the smartwatch such as the always on display and more.
Sep 12, 2019

The Apple Watch Series 5 was recently announced and is now available to pre-order. So what are some of the new specs that come with the smartwatch? Read on..

First of all, the smartwatch will keep the same shape as the original Apple Watch. The rectangular shaped screen, rotating crown and the same button alongside it. So there's no drastic changes from the design language that we have already seen.


The Apple Watch Series 5 will come in more than three models. The first model doesn't have Cellular and the one that does. The one without cellular starts at a price point of $399/£399 but with cellular costs about $499/£499. There is also a Hermes model and a Nike model.

New Features

However, there are some new features for the Apple Watch Series 5. First, the always-on display. Now Apple watch users don't have to tilt their wrist to see your watch face. Next is the built in compass and the international emergency calling. Both seem good for any bad situation that you might get into. Unfortunately, the last feature (emergency calls) is only available on the cellular version of the watch.

The smartwatch also has waterproofing, the electrical heart sensor and all the workout features that the Series 4 have had.

WatchOS 6 Apps

First, there is an app store - a pretty solid step to get the watch to stop depending on a smartphone. There is also a new Noise app. This app lets know when noise gets too loud and can damage your hearing. The Noise app is to be used in environments that can potentially damage your hearing for long periods of time.

There is a new monthly cycle tracking feature for female wearers. You can track your menstrual cycles and get predictions as to when you should be fertile. This is available in the Health App in iOS as well so you can get it on your phone too.

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