Galaxy Watch Active 2 ECG and Fall Detection Features Coming in 2020

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 has been confirmed to get the ECG and Fall Detection in Q1 2020. Unfortunately, the features will not be available at the release.
Sep 2, 2019

Yes, that's right people! The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is confirmed to get the long-awaited ECG and fall detection features in Q1 2020! I personally find this news quite exciting. It is, however, disappointing that these features won't be on the smartwatch at the time of release but we have to live with what we've got. These two features have not been confirmed until now due to them needing to have FDA approval.

The ECG and Fall Detection will come to the smartwatch in the first quarter of next year but there has been no word of when the feature will arrive in other markets.

galaxy watch active 2 ecg

This is Samsung's first smartwatch to have a Touch Bezel, which has received a mixed range of comments. Some people like the idea of swiping across a bezel whereas others like a physically rotating one.

What do the Features Do?

As well as this, it also gives you Afib notifications, the ability to take an ECG and to detect if you've fallen. All three features very useful. Afib notifications tells you if your heart is beating in an irregular pattern. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 ECG feature lets you look at the heart rate, rhythm and electrical activity of your heart. Falling detection contacts your emergency contacts if you have fallen down and are not able to get back up again. All three could be potentially life saving.

galaxy watch active 2 ecg

Release and Pre-Order

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 release date has been confirmed to be the 23rd September for the United States. Really, really soon. As well as this, in the UK, you're able to pre-order the smartwatch on Samsung, EE, Currys and Amazon. Shipping for the smartwatch should start very soon.

This smartwatch allows you to look at your health in quite a lot of depth, imagine what the next Samsung smartwatch would be like.

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