Galaxy Watch Designer gets Galaxy Watch Active 2 Support

There has been an update for the Galaxy Watch Designer fixing many issues that caused an inconvenience for many people using the app.
Sep 12, 2019

Recently, Galaxy Watch Designer got an update - one of the major changes being that there is new support for the upcoming Galaxy Watch Active 2.

The changelog showed MANY changes to the service, as usual. To kick things off, it has added Galaxy Watch Active 2 support - which is great since the smartwatch is going to be released in a matter of weeks. The update also added "multiple components property change feature for Dimension, Placement, Rotate, Appearance and Text Appearance property". Samsung have also "added a layer colour feature to draw outline of the component with layer colour". There is now going to be a horizontal scroll bar so you can look through the timeline frame. In the layer menu, there will now be a Show/Hide and Lock/Unlock button.

Now, there you can change the time zone by pressing "Time zone Selector" -> "Sync With Device". As well as this, there is multiple language support for the bitmap font in the digital clock. The icon for the layer item and components has been updated. The AOD hgh Enable Popup Text and Button have been updated. The view has also been updated on the Galaxy Watch Designer. There is also an updated OPR value limit exceeded warning pop-up behaviour. This pop-up will pop up every time the AOD mode toggled and OPR value over 15%. There are also updated tooltip texts in Edit -> Preferences -> APIs. When the weather type is set to icon, the align and font option has been removed.

galaxy watch designer update

The Issues that Were Fixed

There have also been fixes for things like GWD memory leaks that would take place when moon phase is used as a text component or tag expression. Another issue that was fixed was the fact that the Galaxy Watch Designer app couldn't stay connected to Galaxy Watch at times. The app also used to get stuck when retrieving weather data from the internet, this was also resolved. There was another issue where the rotated text would get distorted on the watch faces - also fixed. Text used to overflow its box if its length is higher than the text box in Native Viewer. Another fix was that the number of the weeks of the year was shown incorrectly. The weather type icon wasn't visible in the Native Viewer, but now it is. Finally, the update has fixed "other issues" and User Interface improvement has been done.

That was the changes the update for the Galaxy Watch Designer, a absolute ton of them.

Grab the download now

Download Galaxy Watch Designer for Windows and Mac by clicking this link.

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