Samsung One UI 2.0 Will Come with Emoji Suggestions

We have has a glimse of the Samsung One UI 2.0. The feature we've seen is the Emoji Suggestions feature. It suggests what emoji you may use when typing.
Sep 13, 2019

At SDC 2019, we will get a good look at One UI 2.0 - the next version of the custom skin for samsung devices. Any new features? Yes, so far we only know about Emoji Suggestions. As well as this, Samsung may share their plans for Android 10 at the event.

Emoji Suggestions and Predictions?

As you are typing on your smartphone, the One UI 2.0 will try to guess what emoji you might use next and show you these suggestions while you are typing. Many other apps have this feature as well as third-party keyboards. Maybe Samsung is trying to prevent people from switching from the native keyboard.

Some of these emoji features will seep into their One UI 2.0 wearable Interface, but we will have to wait for the specifics at the moment.

Android 10?

There are some highlights of Android 10 that are quite interesting. For example there are more privacy controls. You can now find all the privacy settings in one place. It is your choice what data is stored and for how long it is stored for. You can also control whether your location is shared with the apps you have.

The First Version of One UI

The first version of the One UI pleased quite a lot people because you could change how you use the Bixby button. You could launch the voice assistant with either a single or double-press of the button. This makes it harder to accidentally open the service.

As well as this, Samsung's One UI introduced dual messenger. Say if you have two accounts, one personal and the other professional, you will be able to switch between them. You can do this by allowing the installation of a second app.

This feature applies for quite a lot of popular apps. The apps include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype and Snapchat. The Dual Messenger option is found in Settings -> Advanced Features -> Dual Messenger.

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