Galaxy Watch Active Sale Chops 36% Off Price on Amazon

The Galaxy Watch Active is on sale on Amazon. 36% of the price has been cut off making the smartwatch reasonably cheap. Buy now before it goes!
Sep 25, 2019

The Galaxy Watch Active, the predecessor to the recently released Galaxy Watch Active 2, has gone on sale. On Amazon, we have the four colours Black, Silver, Green and Rose Gold to choose from. Unfortunately, not all of them are on sale - just the Silver and Rose Gold - beggars can't be choosers.

The Silver version of the Galaxy Watch Active was once $279.99 but is now on sale for $101.99 - 36% off. The Rose Gold version was once $249.99 but is now $85.49 - 34% off the smartwatch.

galaxy watch active sale

Some Features of the Smartwatch

The Galaxy Watch Active has 750MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. It also has a GPS and a IP8 rating of Water and Dust resistance. The smartwatch also has Bluetooth and NFC - in effect it has Samsung Pay. With the 230mAh battery, you can use the Galaxy Watch Active for a maximum of 90 hours - almost four days. As you can see in the picture above, the Galaxy Watch Active can track your stress in real-time and tells you how stressed you are. As you can also see about, this person is a little more stressed than average.

This deal is on Amazon US but it also ships to the UK, so my fellow English-men, we can get our hands on the smartwatch at a reasonable price.

Galaxy Watch Active on Sale

Grab the smartwatch using the links below:

Galaxy Watch Active (Silver)
Galaxy Watch Active (Rose Gold)

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