Pre-order the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and get a Samsung Wireless Portable Battery

The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is available to pre-order now, but, you also get an additional prize. You also get the Samsung Wireless Portable Battery for FREE.
Sep 12, 2019

Another offer has been thrown into the ring when you pre-order the Galaxy Watch Active 2. You can get the Samsung Wireless Portable Battery. The nice little feature of this power pack is that you can wirelessly charge you new smartwatch. As you may know now, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 has been launched is going to hit the stores in the UK and elsewhere very soon. It will also hit the US shortly after. You may also know that you can claim a free duo charger if you pre-order the Galaxy Watch Active 2. You can pre-order on websites such as Amazon and Currys.

Back to the Samsung Wireless Charger Portable Battery. The battery is loaded with 10,000mAh of juice that you can use as long as you have it. The colour it comes in is silver and usually costs $59.99. Now, when you pre-order, you get it completely free, a nice deal if you ask me. You can use the battery pack wirelessly by placing your smartphone on to it but it also comes with a USB-C cable - so you can do whatever you're comfortable with.

samsung wireless portable battery

This deal is only available for the US. Click on the link below to purchase:

Pre-order the Galaxy Watch Active2 and get a free Wireless Charger Portable Battery.

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