Top 20 Best Apps and Games in Tizen Store for August 2019

We now have the best apps and games in the Tizen Store for August 2019. Some apps have moved down the list whereas some have risen from the ashes.
Sep 6, 2019

It is that time of the month again when we see what the best apps and games were on the Tizen Store for the previously month - now August 2019. Generally, we have seen that WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook and Facebook Messenger have stayed in the top three. Although, in last months table, Facebook Messenger had dropped a place, going from third to fourth place.

First 10 Apps and Games

In the Tizen Store for August 2019, WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook have stayed in the top two as per usual. However, Facebook Messenger is in fifth place. Taking the third spot is a game called "Dead Roadkill Highway" with "Fruit Ninja Free" coming right after it.

Sixth place has been occupied another game called "Chained Bikes Racing 3D". In seventh is our good ol' friend "Temple Run 2". After Temple Run 2 comes Hancom Office Viewer which has remained in the same place since last month - eighth. Opera Mini Web Browser comes in ninth, going up two places since last month. Instagram is in tenth after rising five places since last month.

tizen store august 2019

The Last Eight Top Apps and Games

In eleventh place comes another game called Prison Jail Escape 2018 which wasn't even in the top 20 last month. Smart Tutor comes next. This app was in seventeenth place last month - so it's a good increase. Xender is in thirteenth place and was in eighteenth place last month - so it's also a good increase. Another game is in the top twenty - UFO Racing. After UFO Racing comes Taxi Simulator 2017 which was in sixteenth place last month but is now in fifteenth place - a tiny difference.

For some reason, there are only eighteen top apps and games in the Tizen Store officially announced. So now, there are only three more left to go through. The last three are Downloader for YouTube, Strike Force Hero and Highway Traffic Racer. The last two being in twentieth and fourteenth place respectively last month.

That's all for the best apps and games in the Tizen Store in August 2019. See you next month for the best apps and games for September 2019.

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