Galaxy Watch Active 2 gets its first firmware update - Changes to touch bezel

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 has received its first global firmware update. R820XXU1BSI9 enables the touch bezel by default now, as it was previously disabled.
Oct 1, 2019

Today, smartwatch users in the US will begin getting their first software / firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. One of the Important changes that this update brings with it is: the touch bezel on the watch will be turned on by default. Users that wanted to experience the new touch sensitive virtual bezel previously had to enable it in the Galaxy Wearable app in order to use it. Out of the box it was disabled. There doesn't seem like a valid reason for Samsung to do this, other than perhaps an oversight in the default settings. But, as the saying goes, all is well that ends well. After this update of course!

This Galaxy watch active 2 firmware update takes it to version R820XXU1BSI9 has been spotted for the 44mm variant of the smartwatch. As well as activated the touch bezel for the Active 2 there is also a bug fix for GPS and also reportedly improved GPS performance. Another improvement is the accuracy of battery meter complication on watch face.

Manually update your Galaxy Watch Active 2

This update should begin its global rollout out to other markets over the coming days / weeks. If you haven't automatically received the update, then you can check manually by launching the Galaxy Wearable app -> Select About Watch -> Select Update watch software -> Select Update now.

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