Galaxy Watch Active 2 now able to take your Blood Pressure with My BP Lab 2.0

My Lab BP 2.0 now has support for the Watch Active 2. This means that your Galaxy Watch Active 2 can now take your blood pressure and offer you support.
Oct 3, 2019

The My BP Lab App 2.0 has been updated and supports the Galaxy Watch Active 2. This allows the smartwatch to measure your blood pressure. The App promises to not only look at the blood pressure measurements, but also analyse and quantify how stress and daily experiences affect you throughout the day.

How to take your blood pressure using the Galaxy Watch Active 2?

In order to successfully analyze your blood pressure using your Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Watch Active 2 wearable devices you will need to take an initial 'baseline' blood pressure reading. Ideally, you would use a device like the A&D Medical UA-651BLE Connected Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor. You can however use another blood pressure device but, according to the My BP Lab Team, it is critical to calibrate using an external FDA approved blood pressure monitor for accurate BP estimates.

Once you have calibrated the My Lab 2.0 smartphone App, all you need to do is launch the My BP Lab App on you Galaxy Watch Active 2 or other device.

my bp lab 2.0 watch active 2

Supported BP devices

Supported mobile devices for blood pressure are the Samsung S9 / S9+ / Note 9 / S10 / S10+ smartphones. The Galaxy Note 10 is unable to measure blood pressure as it does not have a built-in optical sensor. For wearables, we have the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Watch Active 2.

By using the app, you are joining the UCSF study to help diagnose if stress affects your blood pressure. As I have said above, The UCSF My BP Lab study uses sensor data from your device. This is to quantify and understand how stress and daily experiences affect your health - blood pressure for instance.

For three weeks, you will complete daily check-ins on the My Bp Lab app - whether it will be on your smartphone or smartwatch. You will measure the amount if stress and emotional experiences that you have had throughout your day. As well as this, you will need to input physical responses to these emotions / events. Like how your heart rate and blood pressure change.

In the 2.0 version of the app has cognitive tests. This is to see if the events through the day can influence your cognitive capacity. If you are starting to feel too stressed or overwhelmed - you can use the stress management training that My BP Lab offers.

Download Links

You can download the MY BP Lab smartwatch app from here : Galaxy Store
Download My BP Lab Android App from here: Google Play Store

The App is unfortunately not available for iOS.

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