Google Pixel Watch Rumours and Leaks - What we Know so Far

The Google Pixel Watch rumours are back. So far, we don't have actual blueprints for the smartwatch but we can start guessing what it'll look like.
Oct 11, 2019

The Google Pixel Watch has been a smartwatch that has been rumoured about for about a year now. We first saw potential codenames for the Google Pixel Watch early last year which got people jazzed up about the thought of it. 2018 went by and we still had no Pixel Watch from Google. In 2019, there are more rumours about the Google Pixel Watch.

Google Pixel Watch Rumours

So far, there have not been any leaks of the Google Pixel Watch to base solid rumours on. From looking at Google's Pixel smartphones, we expect the Pixel Watch to have a similar simplistic look. The smartwatch may have a rounded face due to the direction taken by the Google Wear OS. The resolution of the screen is likely to be 360x360.

We expect the Google Pixel Watch to possibly have the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor - the advantage of this being the power management capabilities. This means that the battery in the Google Pixel 3 should have some stamina. In effect, people will be able to keep the always-on display feature running without having to worry too much. There may also be an always-listening Google Assistant on the watch.

google pixel watch rumours

The Google Pixel Watch is expected to allow multiple straps to be fitted to the watch as many smartwatches in the market are allowing inter-changeable straps. This will obviously let the user style their watch to what they like. Based on the codenames for the Google Pixel Watch, the smartwatch could be compact. This is coming from the codename "medaka" which is a tiny fish named the Japanese Rice Fish.

Back in 2018, Google bought smartwatch technology from Fossil - a well-known watch brand. This technology was later known to make a digital-analogue hybrid. Rumours have been going around saying that this could mean that the Google Pixel Watch could have physical watch hands as well as a touchscreen.

Google Pixel Watch Price?

As there have been no other smartwatches from Google - it is hard to place the tail on the donkey. T3 have stated that the Pixel Watch may cost around the £300 ($380.57) mark. £300 is come to by looking at Google's competitors - Samsung and Apple. Both of these brands charge around £300 - £400.

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