Huawei Band 4 Now Unveiled and Looks Like Honors

The Huawei Band 4 has been unveiled and looks a lot like the smartwatch Honor announced not too long ago. The Band 4 has not been released in the UK yet.
Oct 25, 2019

Huawei has recently unveiled a new fitness tracker dubbed the Band 4. The smartwatch is going to have a 0.96" 2.5D TFT colour screen. This screen will have a resolution of 160x80 pixels. As well as this, the watch is going to show the date and time, your fitness data and notifications from apps.

The colours this smartwatch come in is Graphite Black, Sakura Pink, and Amber Sunrise. This tracker comes with a USB-A connector - you can plug it into a normal USB-A port and charge seamlessly. The battery in the Huawei Band 4 packs 91 mAh and is estimated to last 7-9 days.

Focusing on Fitness

Like many other smartwatches in the industry, the Huawei Band 4 monitors your heart rate and sleep cycles throughout the night. As well as this, the smartwatch monitors our workouts (such as walking, running and cycling).

The Huawei Band 4 is water-resistant up to about 50 meters of water. The device can sync with the devices that have Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0 and above. The Band 4 has Bluetooth 4.2 but has no Near Field Technology (NFC).

Where to Get the Huawei Band 4 From Now?

If you want to purchase the smartwatch now, you'll have to either get it from Indonesia or Thailand. In Indonesia, the smartwatch is selling for about $32 but is selling for about $35 in Thailand. So the smartwatch is relatively cheap compared to other smartwatches in the industry.

Where's the Watch Going Next?

The Band 4 is going to go to sell in China next, selling starts on Nov 1 for about $30. Hopefully after this, the smartwatch will make its way across the globe.

I don't think we can expect Huawei's smartwatch to come to the US due to the fact that the company has been put on the US Entity List.

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