TicWatch Pro has a new Edge Over Apple Watch 5?

There's a new sleep tracking app made by Mobvoi called TicSleep. This app is first-party sleep tracking - it may have an edge over the Apple Watch 5.
Oct 24, 2019

The TicWatch Pro is not exactly a smartwatch that is well known (compared to Samsung and Apple watches) but recently, it has just gotten a new feature that may prove it to be a rival to the Apple Watch. This feature is a new official app by Mobvoi called TicSleep. That's right, the smartwatch has just gotten sleep tracking mode.

The smartwatch itself has a very long battery life - although it is when Essensial Mode is on. This mode is like all other power saving modes. It aims to restrict what you can do in order to get more battery life. You may be able to get away with keeping it on at night and possibly not need a charge the next morning.

The feature itself, as you've probably guessed, is delivered by the app TicSleep. The app allows the TicWatch Pro to track your sleep habits/quality. This includes duration, sleep cycle and heart rate. As well as this, there is an alarm to wake you up at the right moment. The right moment is when your sleep is light so you don't feel like death when you're woken up. You also get shown what your last seven sleeps have looked like throughout the night.

mobvoi ticsleep

Why Does it Have an Edge on the Apple Watch 5?

This app gives the TicWatch an up against the Apple Watch 5 because it has first-party sleep tracking. Meaning that the Apple Watch 5 rely on third-party sleep tracking apps. The TicSleep app was specifically made for the TicWatch Pro meaning that it is likely to work well with the smartwatch.

An important fact to know is that the Mobvoi TicSleep app is only for the TickWatch Pro... And no other Mobvoi smartwatch. Maybe in the future we may see the feature be supported by older watches.

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