Outlook Now Supports the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches

Outlook can now support the Samsung Galaxy Watches. With Outlook on the Galaxy Watch, you'll be able to actually reply to mail on your smartwatch.
Oct 8, 2019

Microsoft has updated its Outlook App. What's new? Nothing much except for the fact that Outlook now supports the Samsung Galaxy Watch!! This also includes the Galaxy Watch, Watch Active and Watch Active 2.

Now, you won't miss out on that limited deal on whichever online site you shop on. You can also see whether an email is worth responding to through the notifications you will receive. If you think it might not be necessary to respond to an email - why not be sure? You can also read through the email on your Galaxy Watch and then possibly respond via Outlook on your smartphone.

If you'd rather respond on your smartwatch - good luck dealing with the tiny on-screen keyboard as you're probably going to make quite a lot of mistakes. If the email doesn't need a long answer, there are also quick responses for you to choose on Outlook and shoot out on your Galaxy Watch.

Past Updates

Microsoft also updated Outlook on September 30th. They changed Outlook's layout to make it look more refreshing. As well as this, the shared calendar update where optimised to run faster. There was also added protection against attacks. You could also start switching between light and dark backgrounds using the sun and moon button.

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