Protect your Galaxy Watch Active2 with the Spigen case

Spigen have recently created a case for the Galaxy Watch Active2. This case is shock absorbent so your watch stays safe whilst looking stylish.
Oct 25, 2019

Spigen is a well-known and reputable brand for their screen-protectors and phone cases. Now, you want to be able to keep your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 a little more safer? Now, the company have made a case for the smartwatch that will be in stock on Amazon on the 31th October. This item keeps going OUT OF STOCK, so I'd advise getting your pre-order in now to avoid disappointment.

The cases are for both the 40mm and 44mm models of the watch and is designed to go around the circumference of the screen. This case is supposed to be a scratch defence that also acts as a shock absorbent layer. The matte finish that the company have added is there to bring a modern look to the watch.

Spigen case

Worried about charging wirelessly or measuring your HR?

With the case, Spigen has also cut a specific area around the HR sensor that still lets you check up on yourself. This goes the same for sharing power between your smartphone and Watch Active2. Yes, that's right, you will still be able to do those functions.

Spigen case


For both the 40mm and 44mm case, it costs $14.99, both coming in the colour matte black. The case is also available to ship to the UK so any of my fellow English-men should be fine. 🙂

Click the links below to buy a Spigen smartwatch case:

Spigen Liquid Air Armor 44mm
Spigen Liquid Air Armor 40mm

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