Deal Alert - Three Deal Gives you Unlimited Mobile Tethering in the UK!

There is a deal from Three that is going to end in five days. The Three deal lets you have unlimited Calls, data and unlimited tethering on a mobile network
Oct 19, 2019

After Three's major outage a few days ago that left people without signal for hours, they are now having a massive deal for people in the UK. As compensation for what happened? Maybe.

This deal includes UNLIMITED 4G mobile data, calls AND text messages AND Unlimited Tethering. The contact lasts for 24 months. For the first 6 months the price of Three's unlimited 4G data plan is slashed in half! In effect, you'll only be paying £10 for endless minutes, messages and mobile data. After those precious 6-months, the price will revert to £20 a month. THis is still a really good price for unlimited tethering.

three deal

What you have to remember is that this deal will end in five measly days so for anyone who hasn't made up their mind, you have to do it soon.

Pros of the Three deal?

Well, to start, the price is one. It's not like you see this cheap of a price attached to unlimited EVERYTHING everyday. As well as this, now that you have unlimited data, you won't need to worry about needing to know the Wi-Fi password in so many places. With you possibly using your data a lot more than usual, Three does not affect your download/upload speed when you have used a certain amount of data. So you can count on the fact that your data will remain the same through your plan. And did I mention UNLIMITED TETHERING? That is a massive reason no its own to get this deal.

Alas, we are at the end. Make your decision before the time is up my liege.

Head on over to the Three UK website for further Information and sign up.

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