Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts that may Surprise you!

The Google Chromebook keyboard has many shortcuts that you may not know about. Like how to take a screenshot and more. This helps save time.
Nov 18, 2019

Have you got a Chromebook and want to make your life a little easier? - you can do this by using some of the Chromebook keyboard shortcuts that you may not have known you can actually use.

First, you'll probably want to know how to launch apps that are on your shelf. To do this, press Alt + 1-8. Pretty simple but could save you a little time. As well as this, to dock a window left or right, all you need to do is press Alt + [/].

If you haven't noticed already, I'll break the news, the Google Chromebook keyboard does not have Caps Lock. To activate Caps Lock all you need to press Alt + The Search Button. To launch the infamous Google Assistant you press The Search Button and A. A pretty easy shortcut to remember, A for Assistant.

chromebook keyboard

In order to open the app launcher in full screen you just need to press Shift + The Search Button. The file manager takes three buttons to launch. You just need to press Alt + Shift + M.

In order to lock the screen, you just need to press The Search Button + L. If you want to show all keyboard shortcuts, you just press Ctrl + Alt + /. Pretty simple.

Something that everyone wants or needs to find from time to time is how to take a screenshot. To take a full screenshot you press Ctrl + Show Windows. To take a partial screenshot, you press Shift + Ctrl + Show Windows.

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