Deal Alert! Galaxy Watch Active2 Cheaper on Amazon!

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is now selling on Amazon for a cheaper price than before. If you don't get your hands on it, someone else might!
Nov 11, 2019

Welcome back to another deal alert blog post. Today we're presenting you with the Galaxy Watch Active2 having 15% off of its original price on Amazon US. Luckily for anyone who lives in the United Kingdom, the smartwatch can also be shipped to you, but extra shipping costs are incurred.

Onto the smartwatch. If you've wanted to get it but its been a little more than what your budget would allow, this maybe the deal for you to get the newest Samsung smartwatch. As you have probably heard already, the Galaxy Watch Active2 has some very good health benefits. Say if you're someone who has been worried about their heart or have already been diagnosed with a cardiovascular issue, this could be a very useful watch for you. Obviously, no-one wants to cut corners with their health.

What's Selling and for How Much?

On Amazon, the Galaxy Watch Active2 comes in the colours Aqua Black, Cloud Silver and Pink Gold.

galaxy watch active 2 amazon

Aqua Black

The Aqua Black 44mm version was $350.00 and the price has dropped to $294.98 - meaning you get 16% off. The 40mm version was $325.00 but is now $274.98 - meaning you get 15% off of the original price.

Cloud Silver

For the 44mm version, the price used to be $350.00 but has now dropped down to $289.00 - 17% off. The 40mm version, however, was $325.00 but now costs $279.99 - 14% off of the original price.

Pink Gold

For the 44mm version, the price was also $350.00 but the price has now dropped to $288.99. That's 17% off. The 40mm version, however used to cost $325.00 and now costs $278.99 meaning you get 14% off.

This could make a perfect gift to your relatives for Christmas as well. Get shopping on now as the season comes faster than you think! Click on the link below to buy:

buy galaxy watch active 2 uk

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