Google Stadia Features Non-Existent At Time of Launch!?

Google Stadia is going to be released but without some of the Google Stadia features we were looking foward to. We can expect to see some soon after launch.
Nov 14, 2019

Just about everyone knows about Google Stadia now. The platform is going to be released very soon which quite a few people are excited about. One thing that the people should know is that Stadia is not going to be released with all of the Google Stadia features that we were once promised.

During the Google AMA on Reddit, the news surfaced. However, they had promised that the features will be going live “as soon as one week after launch." So at least we don't have to wait too long. As well as this, Google has said that Stadia cannot support a Chromecast Ultra device unless it's one that ships with the Stadia bundle. Chromecast Ultra devices that have already been shipped will eventually receive an over the air update. So both of these features are not available at the time of launch but should be remedied eventually.

google stadia features

Google has also confirmed that the multiplayer Stream Connect feature will not be available until after launch when the first game that supports the feature is released. Fortunately, this should be before 2020 comes our way. Other features like State Share and Crowd Play won't be available until the next year.

The Buddy Pass will ship two weeks after you get your bundle. The Buddy Pass gives you free three-month Stadia subscription to share with a friend. This seems like a feature that no-one wants to wait for.

Not only these but there will be no Family Sharing at the time of launch. But, will come to us "early next year." Like on many platforms, Stadia will have an achievement system. This will technically be in place at the time of launch but you won't be notified until "shortly after launch."

Google Stadia Achievement: No Features?!

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