Honor MagicWatch 2 Unveiled with a 14-day Battery Life!

Honor unveiled their MagicWatch 2 and announced that their 46mm variant of the smartwatch has a battery that can last up to 14 days!
Nov 28, 2019

Honor, the China based tech company, have unveiled their MagicWatch 2. This is said to be a smartwatch where the battery lasts up to 14 days of battery life. As well as this the MagicWatch 2 has a focus on health and fitness. The 5ATM water resistance is also a pro so then you can track your heart beat whilst your in the pool or any other places where your phone may not be able to get to.

What can the smartwatch track?

The smartwatch can monitor your heartbeat, distance, speed and an estimate of burned calories at the same time. If you're a swimmer, you may like the next point. The MagicWatch 2 will also calculate your SWOLF score. If you don't know, this score is the sum of the number of strokes and seconds it has taken you to swim one length of the pool. The lower the score you get, the better / more efficient swimmer you are.

There are 15 fitness modes for you to track when you're doing your workout. As well as this, the smartwatch will notify you when your heart rate is too low or too high. If you're presenting signs that you're stressed, the MagicWatch 2 will give you some breathing guides. And after your entire day of work, you'll have your trusty smartwatch tracking your sleep. When you wake up, the watch will give you ways to improve your sleeping experience. If it seems like there's something else at play here, the smartwatch can diagnose you with the six common types of sleep disorders.

honor magicwatch 2

What's this made of?

The smartwatch is made of 361L stainless steel. It also comes in two sizes - 46mm and 42mm. The smartwatch has 1.4" and 1.2" screens respectively. Both the sizes have AMOLED screens with a 326ppi pixel density.

You get 4GB of storage with advanced Bluetooth connectivity. With the Bluetooth, you can use it to answer calls even if your phone is 150m away. So that seems pretty great! Want to answer your call but can't be bothered getting up? Use your watch!

The Battery

Unfortunately, only the 46mm version smartwatch is advertised to have a 14-day battery life. The 42mm version is said to last a week. This is based on 90 minutes of GPS tracking for workout, 30 minutes of calls over the Bluetooth feature and 30 minutes of music playback.


The Honor MagicWatch 2 will start to be available in markets on December 12th. Pricing starts at $155 for the Agate Black 42mm version. The Charcoal Black 46mm version os $170. Both the Flax Brown (46mm) and Sakura Gold (42mm) are $200.

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