Netflix will Drop Support for Some Samsung TVs this year!

Netflix can no longer support older versions of Samsung TVs due to technical difficulties. So far there has not been a list of which TVs are affected.
Nov 8, 2019

That's right people, starting on December 1st this year, Netflix is not going to support the older Samsung smart TVs. Netflix is sending out error messages to the TVs of the affected people. Whilst they are doing that, Samsung have written about the news on their official webpage.

On Samsung's post about this event, they hadn't listed which Samsung devices were not going to be supported anymore but they did link to Netflix's website. This link, however, isn't useful to find out which TVs are still supported and which ones aren't. The link actually contains tutorials as to how you use your Netflix on your Samsung TV. So unless you do want help on setting up, I personally don't think of it as much help.

netflix on samsung tvs

The Error Messages You May See (If you have an older model)

Netflix's error messages just says that ‘Netflix will no longer be available on this device after December 1, 2019.‘ - so there's an easy way of telling if you're losing support or not. As well as this, neither of the companies have stated why some smart TVs will lose support. They have just said that it was 'due to technical limitations'.

Hopefully, in the future, one or both of the companies will explain why there are 'technical limitations' that prevent older TVs accessing the streaming platform.

Now, before anyone assumes that this is a start of a feud between Samsung and Netflix.. It's not. Samsung TVs are not the only brand of TVs going through this - the company has not been singled out. This change lies in whatever changes Netflix's systems are going through. These changes don't seem to get along with the old TVs.

If you have a Samsung TV and you get this error message from Netflix, you don't have to replace your TV. If you have Set-top Boxes, Game Consoles or Streaming Media Players, you can these to play your Netflix on Samsung TVs instead.

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