Samsung has recently released an update for the Galaxy Fit. This update lets users control music from the fitness tracker. The tracker didn’t get this feature at the time of launch but now Samsung have finally listened to their customers and have released this update. Yay!

For you to get this latest version, you’ll need to update the Galaxy Fit plug-in on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store – depending on what platform you use. After you have done this, you should receive the new firmware version (R370XXU0ASK1) in the Galaxy Wearable app.

Not only will you get the feature to be able to control your music, you also get 31 new watch faces. In the last update in September, the smartwatch received 14 shiny new watch faces. Compared to the watch faces the last update brought, these watch faces are more focused upon being informative. Something that Samsung didn’t mention but people have notices was that the Do Not Disturb feature is more responsive. Before the update, the Do Not Disturb feature was taking a few seconds to respond but now seems to be responding much faster.

Back onto the music control feature, you can use the fitness tracker to play the next / previous song or to pause / play. The name of the song that you’re currently playing will display on the main screen of the smartwatch.