The Galaxy S11 - The Main Rumours we have so far

The Galaxy S11 is the next Samsung smartphone and is expected to be the next big thing. Read gere to find out the main leaks and rumours about it.
Nov 15, 2019

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has been released for a few months now but the rumours for the Galaxy S11 have started already. What are these rumours? Carry on reading to find out more.

It is rumoured that the Galaxy S11 should launch in February 2020. This date fits in with the dates of the previous launches of Samsung flagship devices. Obviously as there's been no news from Samsung, we can't be entirely sure when the launch will actually be.

Price-wise we can't tell yet as we don't have many detail about the device. To put an estimate at this stage, we're thinking around about the same price as the S10. The S10e costs £669, the S10 £799 and the S10 Plus is £899. It could possibly higher if we're looking at this device being more high tech than its predecessor.

The Newest Leak

galaxy s11

LetsGoDigital, a Dutch blog, has seen that Samsung has filed a trademark for the name "SAMOLED". The application for the trademark showed that the SAMOLED screen as "an OLED display; smartphone display; monitor; television screen; digital signage; computer screen".

This, obviously, doesn't provide us with much to base theories on. A theory that we got from T3 is fairly simple. The SAMOLED trademark simply refers to the Super AMOLED screen. For the sake of keeping things interesting, I hope it's not that simple. As well as this, I don't find it likely that Samsung would attempt to trademark a feature that is used on many smartphones.

About the battery, the S11 is rumoured to be coming with a massive 4000mAh battery. Which suggests that you'll be able to use the phone for longer and that the phone itself may be more powerful. The screen of the device is rumoured to be slightly bigger than the S10s mainly because of the bigger battery.

I look forward to see what Samsung comes up with and we'll see if these rumours prove to be true or not!

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