Galaxy Watch Active2 4G Finally Launched in India!

The Galaxy Watch Active2 4G has come to India with a price of approximately $505. This smartwatch is also in the 44mm size which comes in three colours.
Dec 23, 2019

Finally, the LTE version of the Galaxy Watch Active2 4G has been launched in India. The Galaxy Watch Active2 4G has an eSIM like the Galaxy Watch. The carriers for the Galaxy Watch Active2 4G are currently only Jio and Airtel in India.

In many countries, the Galaxy Watch Active2 4G will come in the 40mm and the 44mm sizes but in India, the 44mm version is only available. This size comes in the colours siler, black and gold.

The smartwatch can be purchased off of Amazon and off of Samsung's official online store. The price for this version of the Galaxy Watch Active2 is Rs 35,990, which is approximately $505.

If you do still want to stick to a 4G option but want something on the cheaper side, you can opt for the Galaxy Watch 4G which is Rs 28,490, which is approximately $400.

galaxy watch active2 4g

Is this what you're looking for?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is probably a good gift for anyone of your sporty friends or family members. This is mainly because this smartwatch has many tracking capabilities when it comes to workouts. It also helps you track both your heart and your sleep.

As well as this, the smartwatch also has a Touch Bezel which received varied feedback. For the most part, the users seemed to like the virtual bezel whereas a few others prefered the physical, rotating bezel.

Click the link below to head to the Amazon website to potentially get your hands on this smartwatch.

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