Samsung Galaxy Watch Gets a MAJOR Software Update!

The new software version for the Galaxy Watch has been released (R800XXU1DSL1 / R8000XA1DSL1) and it comes with many changes to make the smartwatch better.
Dec 26, 2019

Many of our readers are reporting that a new software Version for the Galaxy Watch is avalialbe: R800XXU1DSL1 / R8000XA1DSL1. The download size is 117.72 MB. We actually have what seems like quite a detailed changelog. So, put on your seat belt and lets dive in and explore all the changes and Improvements for your Galaxy Watch Smartwatch.


There have been Improvements to Bixby that is aimed at getting your tasks done easier. Now you're able to set specific goals when it comes to your workouts. As well as this, Bixby can assist you more by, fo example, telling you the time difference between you and the city you're travelling to.

New Watchfaces!

The 'My Style' feature from the Galaxy Watch Active2 has now come to the Galaxy Watch with the new software update. Now you can take a picture of your outfit / a piece of clothing and have watchfaces suggested to go with your look of the day. There is also a new indicator feature in the watchfaces to show apps that are running in the background. If you tap on this indicator, it will take you back to the app. There are also new complications added to the watch face such as 'Begin Workout', 'Breathing', and others to make your life that little bit easier.

New Emoticons and Improved UI for Certain Features

The emoticons have been improved so they can provide you with a variety of skin tones. On the other hand, the UI has been improved for AOD, customising icon order, the Timer and Stopwatch and for the Sleep Mode.

The Always On Display screen is easier to read when the smartwatch is charging or is in battery saving mode. Customising the icon order in the quick panel is now easier so you can finally move the icons you never use with ease! The Timer and Stopwatch app is now more convenient for you. As for sleep mode, the smartwatch is now able to indicate the mode more intuitively.

There is now an Improvement for Samsung Health

With the new software version (R800XXU1DSL1 / R8000XA1DSL1) there have been various positive changed with Samsung Health. Lap time tracking has now been improved for running and cycling activities. As well as this, there has been a new Daily Activity feature added to the Galaxy Watch. This, as the name implies, shows the user the amount of activity they have done daily (Move, Workout and Hourly Activity).

All of the data that Samsung Health accumulates can be synced via NFC. More activities have been added as well, this includes workout equipment and a new auto tracking for swimming. Like the Galaxy Watch Active2, this smartwatch now alerts you when your heart rate is too low.

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