20 VPS Companies Shut Down Leaving Customers 2 Days to Backup their Data

Several VPS servers have shut down all of a sudden leaving the users a mere two days to save all their data before it's all lost on Monday 9th December.
Dec 8, 2019

Virtual Private Servers are pretty useful. For example, you could run private analytics and manage your IoT devices pretty easy. Unfortunately, quite a few people have been affected by 20 VPS hpsting server providers planning to shut down their service out of the blue.

Why? The customers of these services suspect an exit scam. Not only this, but the people who were paying these companies only got a two days notice to save all of their data. That's right. Two days to backup their data. Restore it to "somewhere else" and continue their service. The customers hastily got noticed on the 7th December that the companies are planning to shut down on the 9th. If some people don't manage to get any or all of their data, it will be wiped clean from the servers it was stored on.

Which Companies?

Some of the companies shutting down their VPS services are in the list below:

  • ArkaHosting
  • Bigfoot Servers
  • DCNHost
  • HostBRZ
  • HostedSimply
  • Hosting73
  • KudoHosting
  • LQHosting
  • MegaZoneHosting
  • n3Servers
  • ServerStrong
  • SnowVPS
  • SparkVPS
  • StrongHosting
  • SuperbVPS
  • SupremeVPS
  • TCNHosting
  • UMaxHosting
  • WelcomeHosting
  • X4Servers
vps shut down

All of these VPS servers websites have stated that they are going to shut down have a similar page structure and have the same chunks of text. As well as this, they use the same CAPTCHA technology and their emails use the same framework.

Furthermore, all the websites feature a similar page structure, share large chunks of text, use the same CAPTCHA technology, and have notified customers using the same email template.

How Did People React?

The first thought was that someone might have been sabotaging the company behind these VPS server providers by sending fake emails to get customers to leave.

Obviously, this theory was proved to be untrue as users started to confirm the legitimacy of the emails. Then people shifted to wanting their money back, their requests and questions went unanswered by the companies.

vps shut down

Now several people are noticing how the companies didn't list physical addresses, proper business registration information and no reference to their ownership. This perhaps should have been signs?

Not only this, but other people have started looking into the fact that the number of companies shutting down can be more than twenty - some people may not have sent the email notification online unlike some others.

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