Xiaomi Watch Colour With a New Circular Watch Face!

The Xiaomi Watch Colour is a very expressive smartwatch with the (seemingly) endless possibilities when it comes to mixing and matching colours.
Dec 31, 2019

Xiaomi is a Chinese tech brand that is sort of known for its smartwatches looking extremely similar to the Apple Watch Series smartwatches. Something that has come to a surprise to the public is that Xiaomi's next smartwatch, the Xiaomi Watch Colour, will have a rounded watch face. Are they copying Samsung now?!

Like the "Colour" part of the name suggests, the Xiaomi Watch Colour will come in a variety of finishes. This will give the smartwatch a total of 1540 different final looks - good luck choosing! Just around the corner! Xiaomi is starting the new year with a good bounce in their step by launching a smartwatch straight after!

Who's the Smartwatch Aimed at?

The Watch Colour smartwatch has been teased by Xiaomi's sub-brand - Mijia. The teaser images / promotions suggests that this smartwatch is directed at both men and women. Due to the fact that the smartwatch is very colourful / expressive, we're guessing that this smartwatch is directed at a younger target audience

From these images, we can't exactly tell what the smartwatch will be packing on the inside. But, we suspect that the smartwatch might have the same software that's found on the Amazfit GTS and GTR. Compared to the older watches, the Xiaomi Watch Colour seems to have a larger and clearer screen - but obviously the smartwatch is made to look as good as possible when being advertised. The smartwatch is also said to be launched very soon. 3rd of January 2020. However, we still don't know how and when this smartwatch will be hitting the retail shelves.

This smartwatch, from the name, doesn't seem like a smartwatch that is designated for sports and health. But, we're sure that the Watch Colour will be given features such as sleep tracking and heart rate tracking. As well as this, the smartwatch will likely come with preset excersizes for it to track.

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