Apple AirPods Pro Performance Becomes WORSE After Update!

The Apple AirPods Pro have recently had an update that seems to make the wirless earphones worse rather than better. The version number is 2C54.
Jan 20, 2020

It seems like the new Apple AirPods Pro have become a bit of an overnight fad - as was expecterd. One of the best qualities about them being their noise-cancelling tech. You can ignore the ruckus of the street and listen to your music in peace.

It seems like this feature may have been removed from the the wireless earbuds after several users complained that the device was less effective at blocking out all those annoying sounds. Rtings have been reviewing the AirPods Pro constantly after every update. The update from this month shows a "fairly significant drop in isolation performance". Also that "these headphones won't do nearly as good a job blocking out the low engine rumbles of planes or buses as they did before this update".

If the update makes the user experience for the Apple AirPods Pro worse, why would Apple go through and release the update in the first place? Well, it turns out that the update improved the bass accuracy significantly.

apple airpods pro

So, if this update makes the performance of the Apple AirPods Pro not as good as we would like it, we clearly don't want it. Apple ended up pulling this update not too long after it was released. But, many users have likely installed the update already. As well as this, Apple pushes the firmware updates when the device is charging. The worst part is that you can't opt out of this either.

Do You Have the Update?

You can check whether you have the update by connecting to your AirPods Pro and heading to Settings. You then want to press General, click About and then finally pressing AirPods Pro. Once you've done that, you can check the version number. If you have the version number 2C54, you've gotten the update.

Unfortunately, there's no way to 'undo' the update so you're going to have to wait until Apple shoots out another update to rectify this one.

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