Deal Alert!: Samsung Wireless Duo Pad for 39% Off!

The Samsung Wireless Duo Pad is for sale right now! The charging pad can be used for you to chare your smartwatch and Samsung earbuds
Jan 17, 2020

Yes, that's right, the Samsung Wireless Duo Pad is on sale on Amazon US. The Duo Pad - like the name suggests - lets you charge two devices at once. The devices being a Samsung smartphone that has wireless charging and your smartwatch or your Samsung earbuds. All you'll need to do is place your device down and let the Samsung Wireless Duo Pad do the rest.

The charger supports Fast Charging 2.0 which is mainly for their newest released flagships - the S10, S10+ and S10e. Due to the fact that Fast Charging 2.0 can make the pad itself quite hot, there are cooling fans on the bottom of the device. Some users have complained that the fan is too loud during the night. So, you may want to put the device where the sound can easily be washed out.

samsung charging pad duo

Another fact to note is that when you have two devices on the Duo charger rather than just your smartphone, Fast Charging 2.0 may be disabled for the Samsung S10, S10+ and S10e. This is probably to make sure the Samsung Charging Duo Pad doesn't set alight after a while of use.

Not sure if your device(s) are charging? The simple way to check is to see the red dots on the Samsung Duo Pad. On the white version of the charging station, the red lights blend in a little more, making it harder to see them.

Let's talk prices

The black version of the Duo Charger was $99.99 but then the price has dropped to $60.88. This means you save $39.11 - 39%. The white version, on the other hand, was also $99.99 but the price only dropped to $60.88. This means you only save $20 on the device - 20%. Click the link below to head to Amazon US to potentially buy your new charger.

samsung wireless duo pad

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