Galaxy Fit e Update brings the Heart Rate Button BACK!

The new Galaxy Fit e update has fixed two issues. One of them being an issue that came when the fitness band was updated before.
Jan 8, 2020

With the newest Galaxy Fit e update, two main issues have finally been fixed. The new firmware version is R375XXU0ASL1 which is 1.81MB big - you should be able to install it without sacrificing much or anything at all.

The Issues it Fixed

There was a vibrating issue that would happen when the fitness band received calls which has now been patched. As well as this, it fixes another issue. This second issue was one that happened when people got a firmware update. A little ironic, no? The heart rate icon would disappear but now it's back people with the Galaxy Fit e update!

galaxy fit e update

The fitness band comes in black, white and yellow and is specifically made for those who want to focus on their workout. The display is 0.74" with a resolution of 64 x 128 and a pixel density of 193 PPI. Unlike the Galaxy Fit, this fitness band doesn't have a coloured screen. A little old school but still cool.

The smart band weighs about 15g with the band - so its really light and you shouldn't notice it too much when completing your workouts. The band is also waterproof with a rating of 5ATM (you can go 50 meters under for 10 minutes). You cou

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