New Galaxy Watch Active2 Update to Improve Always-on Mode

The Galaxy Watch Active2 has got a recent software update, thus bringing us software version R820XXU1BTA1. Read on to find out the specs of the update.
Jan 9, 2020

Great news fellow firmware upldate lovers - The Galaxy Watch Active2 has got another software update. The last update the smartwatch got was back in December. It was fairly minor as it only improved a slight bug where Always On Mode kept on turning on. As well as this, they improved the measurement of how many calories you've burnt based on the heart rate sensor. Pretty cool, right?

Now this time round, we have the Galaxy Watch Active2 update bringing in software version R820XXU1BTA1. The update isn't very large, it is just under 20MB. Unfortunately, this update isn't really as interesting as the one that came before it. According to the changelog, the smartwatch update only brings system stability improvement to the table.

galaxy watch active 2 update

This update for the Galaxy Watch Active2 smartwatch is eventually going to be released for both size variants of the Galaxy Watch Active2 - 44mm and 40mm. The place where the update first seemed to be noticed was Germany. Slowly, but surely, the update will make its way across the globe until every Galaxy Watch Active2 smartwatch has gotten the update.

To install the update

In order to update your smartwatch you will have to go into the Galaxy Wearable app on the smartphone you have connected to the smartwatch. Once you've done that, you should be able to see the "Watch Software Update" menu. In there menu will be "Download and Install". After that all you have to do is wait a little bit for your Galaxy Watch Active2 to update and the you're ready to go.

If you don't have the update as of now, you can wait. You only have to wait until you get a notification sayin that said update is available for you.

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