The Most Popular Apps and Games in the Tizen Store in 2019!

We're saying farewell to the Tizen OS on smartphones. In order to say goodbye, we have listed the most popular apps and games in the Tizen Store in 2019.
Jan 15, 2020

Its the end of a decade and time to have a look at the Tizen Apps and Games in the Tizen Store in 2019.

Starting off our list is Whatsapp Messenger. The Facebook owned app has gone through quite a big change as of 2020. The app is no longer going to support certain versions of iOS and Android OSs. Next comes Facebook itself. There hasn't been much news about the app as of late but back in November, the app was found to access your smartphone camera on iOS devices. Pretty scary, right?

The List Begins...

Next comes our first game, Bottle Shooter 3D. The name pretty much explains what you do in the game. You have a gun and you have to shoot bottles. Oh, and it's all 3D. Facebook Messenger comes in fourth place. This app has remained steadily near fourth throughout 2019 and can let you contact your friends / family from Facebook instantly. Another game has come up in the list. In fifth place we have Wazir - Official Action Game. Coming up in sixth place is Temple Run 2. Remember the good old days?

tizen store in 2019

What's Next in the Tizen Store in 2019?

In seventh and eighth place comes Hancom Office Viewer and Car Driving Academy 2017 3D. In ninth and tenth comes two games, Indian Trains and One Touch Draw - Laser Connect. One Touch Draw is a game that I've always personally found interesting - maybe give puzzle games a go?

The two apps that come next are Opera Mini Web Browser, for when you don't want to use Samsung Internet, and Instagram, when you want to find out what's going on with your favourite influencer. After those two comes Beautica:More Beauty and Smart Tutor.The last five are Chat Baaz, Modern Counter Attack, Drift Racing for Tizen, Hill Driver and Classic Taxi Driver.

That's all for all the most popular apps and games in the Tizen Store in 2019.

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