New Galaxy Watch Active2 Update Making Life a Little Smoother

The Galaxy Watch Active2 has had another update to solve bugs on the device. As well as this, we doubt the Galaxy Watch 2 is launching sometime soon.
Jan 23, 2020

The Galaxy Watch Active2 has had another update. This update isn't very large at all as it sizes up to a measly 19.26MB. The smartwatch is getting this update for improved system reliability according to its changelog. This means minor bug fixes to make your overall user experience better. The version number for this update is R820XXU1BTA1/R820OXA1BTA1.

As you probably know, the Galaxy Watch Active2 was released late last year but now, there is another smartwatch stealing the spotlight. This year, the Galaxy Watch 2 has been suspected to be in development. Just recently, we have found out the codename for the wearable device.

galaxy watch active2

We doubt that the device will be coming out anytime due to the fact we think it may be in early stages of development. After all, not much has been leaked / heard about the device. One thing that we do know is that the battery of this new device is going to be 330mAh. Unless Samsung decide to suddenly scrap that idea. We're hoping this battery size is for the smaller version of the Galaxy Watch 2. In effect, the bigger version of the Galaxy Watch 2 will be even larger.

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