We have seen the Galaxy Watch, the Galaxy Watch Active and the Galaxy Watch Active2, but what about the Galaxy Watch 2? Turns out Samsung is working on the next smartwatch that could be named the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2.

Galaxy Club have been able to confirm that the model number of this new mysterious smartwatch is SM-R840. As there have not been many leaks of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2, there is not much that we can confirm. The SM-R840 smartwatch will have a 330mAh battery. This is only 10mAh difference compared to the Galaxy Watch Active2. Obviously, how long the battery will last depends on how often the smartwatch user uses it.

samsung galaxy watch 2

When Can we Expect the Galaxy Watch 2 to be Launched?

With the timing of this smartwatch arising, it seems that the Galaxy S20 will launch together with the SM-R840. Due to the fact that the Galaxy S20 is going to be launched very soon and we haven’t seen many leaks about the smartwatch, we doubt that the SM-R840 is going to be launched beside the smartphone. We may have to wait until the later spring or the summer season to see the smartwatch launched. The next major time the SM-R840 could be launched is beside the Galaxy Note 20 – the next Galaxy Note smartwatch.

We expect more information to be leaked about the “Galaxy Watch 2” over the next couple of months until we can officially see the real thing when it is launched. As soon as we get any news, we shall let you guys know. Until then, we will have to wait and see what arises.

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