Samsung Unpacked 2020: Two Phones Rumoured but no Smartwatches?!

Samsung Unpacked 2020 is coming soon - the event is taking place on the 11th February 2020. The Galaxy Fold and Samsung S11 are rumoured to be unveiled.
Jan 6, 2020

Samsung Unpacked 2020 is going to be fairly exciting as we have two smartphones that are predicted to be unveiled. These smartphones are the Galaxy S11/S20 and the Galaxy Fold 2. The event is going to take place in San Francisco, CA, on the 11th February. This going to mark the first major phone of the year - even the decade!

The Galaxy S11/S20

Last year, we saw the Galaxy S10 come with state of the art OLED display Display and was the first smartphone in the Galaxy series to have a full screen design. Now this year, the Galaxy S11/S20, the latter being a nod to 2020. With the new smartphone, we can expect a larger screen. As well as this, Samsung are focusing on their camera technology a little more in an attempt to have an upperhand above iPhone.

According to serial leaker Ice Universe, Samsung are adding a 48MP telephoto lens as well as a 48MP wide-angle lens. There will also be a 108MP primary camera - how exciting!

samsung unpacked 2020

Galaxy Fold 2

We're hoping that the journey of the Galaxy Fold 2 goes smoother than the original Galaxy Fold. As you might know, the Galaxy Fold had a major hiccup when it was sent to bloggers. For example, tiny particles were getting stuck under peoples screens and damaging them. Hopefully this, year, the Galaxy Fold 2 will be sent to bloggers and positive reviews will come back rather than a tonne of complaints about the device. One major difference between this version of the smartphone compared to the original is the fact that they fold differently.

Any smartwatches on the roster?

That's the two major smartphones we're expecting at Samsung Unpacked 2020, but what about a smartwatch? So far there has not been much news about a new smartwatch surfacing. Normally, we would expect an annoucement for a new Samsung wearable device - this case the Galaxy Watch 2, but there is no news at the moment.

The Samsung Unpacked 2020 event is kicking off on the 11th February at 11am PT. If you're not going to be at the event, Samsung will be live-streaming the whole thing, so you can pop-in whenever you want.

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