Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 2 to have twice as much Storage

Feb 3, 2020

Lasy year, we saw Samsung release the Galaxy Watch Active. As the name suggests, this is a watch aimed at the more active smartwatch user. This wasn't the only watch that this active user would get, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 rolled out a mere 6 months later. Both devices lacked a physical rotating bezel, though the GWA 2 had a touch sensitive digital bezel and the GWA1 had this option added as part of a firmware update.

Now, we know there definitely is a new Galaxy Watch series watch on the cards - it is unknown if this is going to be called Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 or maybe Galaxy Watch 3. Something entirely different? Samsung is now calling the Samsung Galaxy S11 the S20, so anything is possible.

Slowly details on the next flagship Samsung smartwatch are emerging, as they usually do. The model number appears to be SM-R840. What else? Well, we also know the Internal code name - as Noblesse - which there is much to be said about this choice of code name. Battery is 330mAh, which is fairly bigger than the 247mAh one found in the 40mm Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Model numbers are SM-R840, SM-R845 and SM-R850, SM-R855 in two sizes, but are they the familiar 40mm and 44mm options or is Samsung going to test the waters with something new? LTE variants will be present, but we do not know if Samsung will be the first to offer this watch on 5G? and is there any need to do it in the first place.

How much storage will the Galaxy Watch 2 get?

The latest bit of Information regarding this new watch, thanks to Sammobile, is the that the Galaxy Watch 2 will have 8GB storage. This can be usually be used to store music, apps, watch faces, and literally any other type of document. Many hope that Samsung will reintroduce MST in the lineup. Unfortunately, this technology seems to be on the decline as mercants are opting for NFC communications in order to fulfill this need.

Sadly as we haven't heard any substantial leaks about this the Galaxy Watch 2 it is doubtful that it will launch at the upcoming Samsung Unpacked event on the 11th February. Samsung seems to be leaking like a sieve when it comes to details about the Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy Z flip, so there is no reason that the Smartwatch department would fair any better.

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